Here’s Your First Look At ‘Mythbusters’ Tackling The Most Ridiculous Moments From ‘The Simpsons’

As you might know, Mythbusters returns tomorrow with possibly the greatest crossover of all time: They’ll be tackling myths from The Simpsons. And they won’t even be dealing with the crappy seasons!

But how, precisely, will they be going after these myths? The just-released trailer above shows the team building toilet bombs, setting up their wrecking ball, and, of course… building a life-sized Homer Simpson. And yes, Homer’s going right into that wall with 5000 pounds on his crotch.

I’m a little unsure of how testing cartoon physics is going to work for the show; I’m assuming the foam Homer up there has a few sensors to tell us whether he’d be alive after getting sandwiched. That said, we get to watch a toilet explode in slow motion on TV as part of an alleged scientific experiment. It’s not cheap laughs, it’s an insightful consideration of the practicalities of physics! This truly is a golden age.