The New ‘Girls’ Season 4 Trailer Promises Hot Messes A Plenty

Just a few days after they released that behind the scenes promo comes the first official trailer for season four of Girls, which provides a further glimpse into what sort of hijinks we can expect this season. So far it seems like most of the season will revolve around Hannah’s move to Iowa, which she can’t shut up about, kind of like the first person you knew who discovered kale. It looks like she’s already making some enemies in her writer’s workshop, as Hannah seems bound to do in any environment that includes people outside of her small circle of friends — when she’s not fighting with them, anyway.

Some other takeaways from the short clip are that Adam, who appears to be having some sort of existential crisis, is clean shaven this season, Shoshana is having a different kind of crisis about what it means to be a grown up, and at some point Adam and Jessa get arrested — which I’m already 100% sure is Jessa’s fault.

We also now have a solid release date: season four of Girls will premiere Sunday, January 11th on HBO.