The New Movie from 'Saved by the Bell's' Lark Voorhies Does Not Look Good

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05.11.12 18 Comments

Look, I don’t know what happened to her face, either. NOT IMPORTANT. The important thing is, she’s doing fine.

Now she is “quite wonderful and very busy,” she said. “I’ve got a new company ‘Yo Soy Production’ and a brand-new film ‘The Hope for Pandora’s Box,’ which I wrote, directed, starred in, and executive produced.” There is currently no release date for the film, but it is obvious that Voorhies is proud of the project.

Let’s just leave it at that. She’s doing well. And yes, she’s game for a “Saved by the Bell” reunion. “If it did happen, it wouldn’t be a bad thing,” she says. I don’t care what she looks like today. She’ll always be Lisa Turtle. I’m more concerned with that movie she’s working on. I don’t know what it looks like today, but here’s a trailer for the short film, The Hope for Pandora’s Box from her MySpace page in 2009.

Yikes. I certainly hope that, after three years of work on it, it looks better than that trailer portends.

Here, I can’t leave you with that. Let’s remember her fondly.

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