The New Season Of ‘Big Brother’ Already Has Its First Controversy About Racist Comments

Perhaps you remember the last season of Big Brother, Big Brother 15. It’s probably a bit difficult to forget, seeing as like 50% of the cast was caught on the show’s live feed using racially charged language, homophobic slurs, or explaining the overlooked benefits of the Nazi medical experiments during the Holocaust. (NOTE: Actually happened. In a house that was FILLED WITH CAMERAS. I still can’t believe that.) The whole thing was a mess, and it all came to a head when Aaryn Gries, one of the most egregious offenders, was booed by the live studio audience during her exit video after getting voted out of the house, and after she had been fired from her day job when the sh*tstorm got back to her employer.

Point being: Surely the people at CBS and Big Brother learned their lesson from this and did their research on this year’s contestants before inviting them on the sho-…

you believe in murder? You agree with f*gs? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in the last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. your dismissed.


That grammatically troubling rant is from a year-old post on the since-deleted Instagram account of 26-year-old Dallas, Texas native Caleb Reynolds (whose username was “insain_physique”), a contestant on the new season of the show. For more on Caleb, let’s check-in with his preseason Q&A.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: The most difficult part is being watched at all times, because everything I’m doing my family back at home is watching. Also, throwing a sexy girl that likes me under the bus will be hard but I will do what I have to do, so kiss me, lay with me, have sex with me, tell me you love me, I’m still in it to win.

So those are … uh, sentences.

Anyway, there are two lessons here: First, that CBS should probably do better research on the contestants they put on a show that is still dealing with the bigoted language used liberally by people on the previous season, unless their plan is to just ride the ol’ bigot wave to Ratingstown, in which case, excellent work. And second, the Internet is forever, kids. It kinda sucks that that’s how it is, but it’s one of the prices you pay to live in the future, I guess.

Source: Reality Blurred

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