The New Season Of ‘Community’ Finally Has A Release Date

First it was dead, then it returned at the 11th hour, and now Community‘s first season on Yahoo Screen has a release date. As you can see from the above video, March 17th is the day that Community will break the internet with two fresh episodes from the show’s sixth season. But what about the rest?

Apparently, Community isn’t going to follow in the footsteps of all the other digital streaming cool kids. No binge watching for Communies, just a new episode every Tuesday according to the details coming out of the show’s panel at the TCAs, and there other bits as well, though not many that deal with what we’ll actually see when the show returns besides the tantalizing promise that Chang will be auditioning for a role in a Karate Kid stage production.

For one thing, Dan Harmon thought the show was going to wind up on Hulu and got “turned around” by a chat with Yahoo as the window to resurrect the show was closing. Harmon also remained cagey about a possible Chevy Chase return and said that he “prays” that Donald Glover “will come down the chimney and come back” to the show.

As for if this is the last season, Harmon remained defiant, an attitude formed by the show’s inability to stay dead.

“I’m definitely not writing it as if it’s the end,” he says. “I’m very naive about how the business actually works, these guys’ contracts, scheduling, so I just stick with a very sixth grade mentality. And the mentality is this show has lived by the sword of the very intimate relationship with fans, and has to die by that sword. So only when people stop watching do I want to stop providing the project… We owe it to be used by it. I would never feel very comfortable walking away from any version of ‘Community’ that was existing. In my mind, I have to keep writing the show as if it’s going to exist for 20 seasons.”

While Harmon isn’t looking to plot a course for the show’s ending, show producer Chris McKenna says that they are apparently looking to keep things a bit more “grounded” this season, according to Hit Fix.

McKenna says this year they’ve held the line on staying grounded and focused on the characters, rather than doing big concept episodes. “We haven’t gone down that rabbit hole of, ‘How are we doing “Highlander”?'”

That might be a slightly disappointing revelation for fans of the show’s theme episodes and wilder swings, but at this point, everything with Community has to be considered found money. Also, there’s a confirmed Karate Kid stage adaptation plot line at some point, so this isn’t exactly going to become a sedate affair.

Via HitFix