The New ‘ThunderCats’ Looks… Good?

04.04.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

Ever since Cartoon Network announced its intention to do an anime remake of “ThunderCats,” I’ve been skeptical. I mean, what’s the point of an anime remake if Cheetara’s going to be less sexy?

However, the trailer for the new series debuted this weekend at WonderCon (video below), and this looks downright promising. The action scenes look cool, Cheetara is properly stacked, and in general it’s the opposite of all the crappy laziness embodied in Arnold Scharzenegger’s “Governator” cartoon. My only complaint: there doesn’t seem to be any Panthro, which is downright criminal. Panthro did f*cking everything and never got any credit for it. And now they’ve written him out. Why they gotta treat a black panther like that?


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