The New Trailer For NBC’s ‘Dracula’ Is Basically 150 Seconds Of Sex And Gore

07.22.13 5 years ago 11 Comments


NBC released the first trailer for their Jonathan Rhys-Meyers starring version of Dracula a couple months ago. It was okay, and it contained all the usual Dracula-related imagery: fog, pale people, fancy parties full of men in tuxedos and ladies in corsets, bodies with punctures wounds, and so on. You’ve seen movies. You know how vampires work. So why am I even bringing it up?

Well, because the second trailer — which they are calling the “Music Video Trailer” — was released at Comic-Con over the weekend, and it is seriously wall-to-wall sex and violence. I’m not sure if this means the first trailer held something back to try to give viewers some background information, or if there wasn’t enough buzz about the show so some big shot at NBC kicked in the door to the editing bay and shouted “CUT TOGETHER ALL THE CLEAVAGE AND MURDER, PRONTO,” but either way, it appears NBC is now trying to get into the blood and fornication business currently dominated by premium cable shows like Game of Thrones and True Blood.

Anyway, please consider this your periodic reminder that you can show a decapitated corpse bleeding all over a dark alley on network television, but not a perfectly healthy nipple or butt crack. Some society we got here.

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