The Next New Susan Boyle #394

09.30.11 8 years ago 17 Comments

Here’s Josh Krajcik (rhymes with tragic) on “The X Factor.” He’s fat and sweaty and unkempt and works in a burrito restaurant. He has a weird, creepy mom. And most horrifying of all, he’s from Columbus, Ohio. But since this is a reality singing competition, you already know where this is going before I can say “Susan Boyle.”

Even though the “loser has talent” thing has become a reality TV cliche, this clip still manages to stand out. When Krajcik says he’s going to sing Etta James’s “At Last,” the look of utter contempt on Simon Cowell’s face is priceless.

And then when Krajcik gets down to singing (2:30 mark in the video), he absolutely WAILS. He’s got so much old-school bluesy soul that the sweaty unkempt thing actually becomes sexy. He totally transforms.

The mom’s still super-creepy, though. Hopefully the producers can “dispose” of her properly. I’m just sayin’, if Josh was all sad about his mother tragically driving off a cliff it would make for a good story line.

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