‘The Walking Dead’ May Have Already Left Clues To The Next Big Bad

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12.10.14 27 Comments


The Governor, Gareth, Dawn, old pudding — The Walking Dead has shed through villains the last couple of seasons, and the writers will need to find someone else to fill in the gaps between scenes of Beth singing. Oh wait. Anyway, since the season ended, Robert Kirkman hasn’t tipped his hand on who might we see next. He doesn’t need to. The show already may have.

Imgur user “PhtevenMcThickridges” has posited an interesting theory that involves a move right out of Leatherface’s playbook. Potential comic spoilers ahead.

Back in season three’s superb “Clear,” when Morgan was still cuckoo-pants crazy, he told Rick about “people wearing dead people’s faces,” which was the style of the time. “PhtevenMcThickridges” (crediting Imgur users is the best) had this line in mind when he read a relatively recent volume of The Walking Dead comic series, “A New Beginning.”

To explain, a couple men from the Hilltop wondered too far and both getting injured, one left the other behind. When he got back to the Hilltop, he frantically said “Someone’s gotta go get him…A barn on a hill…I left him to die…and there were so many of them. So many but they didn’t see us…There were whispers and I was afraid…It was the dead…They were SPEAKING….”

I was thinking for a minute the zombies were gaining intelligence back but come to find out, they were survivors living within the herds of Walkers. They whisper to not alarm the surrounding walkers…Wearing their SKIN!!!


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He’s describing the Whisperers, who do what Rick and crew should have done the entire time: cover themselves in zombie goo. Let’s say this theory’s true. It would be, as far as I can tell, the first time something’s happened on the TV show (March 2013) before the comics (August 2014). For a character we’ve only seen a handful of times, Morgan’s sure been a busy man.

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