The ‘Nickelodeon GUTS’ Referee You Had A Crush On Is Now A Self-Proclaimed ‘Dirty Irish Girl’

03.03.13 6 years ago 13 Comments

Before “quirk” became synonymous with “adorkable,” which itself is just another word for “Zooey Deschanel,” there was Moira Quirk, the British referee on Nickelodeon’s “action sports” series GUTS who taught literally DOZENS of stay-at-home children how to love and not cheat in Slam-A-Jama. The now 44-year-old currently does video game and cartoon voice over work (including Karliah in Skyrim), but to many, she’ll forever be Nick’s answer to Ed Hochuli.

The hosts of ESPNU’s late night talk show, UNITE (what?), recently caught up with Quirk, and she talked about the totally fake Aggro Crag, auditioning for the role, called herself a “dirty little Irish girl,” wondered which personal anecdotes of hers would be too dirty to tell in public, and suddenly I don’t feel so bad about those never-happened love letters I sent to her in elementary school. (They were actually for Mike O’Malley.)

(Via BuzzFeed)

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