Vaping Prosecutors, Cats, And Murderers: Seven Takeaways From The Season Finale Of ‘The Night Of’

08.29.16 23 Comments

HBO’s The Night Of ended its limited run with an extended-length season finale. Some questions were answered definitively (Naz’s fate, the supposedly cured foot thing), some were answered almost definitively (the identity of the real killer), and some were not answered at all (the reason J.D. Williams isn’t on every television show, just playing some variation of Bodie from The Wire). Also, there was a not-insignificant chunk of the episode dedicated to the ongoing ballad of John Stone’s cat. Is it weird that I was more relieved to see that guy trot across the screen at the end than I was when we saw what happened with Naz? I don’t think so. Maybe if the cat had made its lawyer sneak drugs into jail in an extremely humiliating way, I’d feel differently about that. No way to tell, really.

In any event, here are seven takeaways I had from last night’s conclusion.

It was the Royal Pains guy! The Royal Pains guy did the murder! Probably!

The biggest question going into the finale was who, exactly, was responsible for the death of Andrea. There were a bunch of possibilities, from a creepy morgue guy to the shady stepdad to noted burglary aficionado Duane Reade, all of whom were paraded out to the witness stand to give some degree of potentially incriminating testimony. A special shout out here goes to the creepy morgue guy, who took the stand wearing Morpheus sunglasses and proceeded to answer a question by telling Naz’s lawyer that his whereabouts were none of anyone’s business. That’s… that’s not how court works! Between his whole deal and Bodie swearing and attempting to plead the Fifth almost at random, we got some pretty solid “Oh, brother” looks from the judge, who, in this show’s grand tradition of casting “that guys,” also played the Yellow King in the first season of True Detective.

But anyway, speaking of “that guys,” our answer, probably: It was Ray the financial guy, also known as the “Hey, that’s the annoying accountant brother character from Royal Pains” guy. Here are some fun things we learned about Ray last night:

  • He had been stealing from Andrea
  • He had been having a relationship with Andrea
  • He has a gambling problem
  • He likes to beat up prostitutes
  • He was recently shot in the groin by a pimp
  • He argued with Andrea hours before the murder and was outside her house moments before it happened

Well! I promise if I had known any of that I would have given him more than a zero percent chance of being the real killer.

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