What’s On This Weekend: Netflix’s Pablo Escobar Show, ‘Narcos’

08.28.15 3 years ago 8 Comments
Narcos Trailer


The Obvious Choice: Narcos (Netflix, Right Now If You Want) — Thankfully, volatile fictional director Billy Walsh isn’t at the helm of this Netflix original series, which focuses on the exploits of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin drug cartel.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, Sunday 9 p.m.) — After an absolutely MASSIVE premiere, Fear the Walking Dead returns as Madison and Tobias try to procure supplies and navigate a daunting new reality amid the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Show Me a Hero (HBO, Sunday 8 p.m.) — Nick Wasicsko is running for mayor again whether the people of Yonkers like it or not. There’s a lottery for the new public housing units… and pipe bombs in the new public housing units. You could say that tension is thick in the next two parts of the HBO miniseries that is sure to have a depressing conclusion.

Masters of Sex (Showtime, Sunday 10 p.m.) — Sarah Silverman’s looking for help conceiving a baby with her husband, while Johnson’s playing hooky to remain in the throes of passion with Josh Charles.

Ray Donovan (Showtime, Sunday 9 p.m.) — Now that he’s in deep to the Armenians, Jon Voight’s been asked to turn snitch while Ray’s busy digging a grave for… someone.

Hell on Wheels (AMC, Saturday 9 p.m.) — In the midseason finale, Cullen’s got to decide if maintaining an edge in the race to build a transcontinental railroad is worth lying to the President of the United States when he’s reunited with his old friend, Durant. Yes, we’re using the term “friend” loosely.

Hannibal (NBC, Saturday 10 p.m.) — Break out the Ben & Jerry’s because Hannibal is about to break up with you. In the series finale, Will refuses to flinch in his game of chicken with Hannibal, which leaves him in a pickle as a final showdown between Hannibal and Francis Dolarhyde brews.

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