You Can Now Buy ‘The O.C.’ McMansion For $6.25 Million

Weep again for your childhood. Twelve years after The O.C. premiered, the famous Cohen McMansion is on the market for a cool $6.25 million. You won’t get any Newport Beach/Orange County charm, though. The house is actually located in Malibu (which I hear is worse than Chino, sorry). And the pool out back isn’t an infinity pool.

Another bummer: this house, which was used for the Cohen house exteriors on the show, doesn’t include Ryan Atwood’s pool house, nor does it include Seth Cohen as a house guest, I presume. Welcome to reality, b*tch. I hear that no one calls Orange County “the O.C.” either.

Still, the house seems worth its asking price, with real estate website Trulia reporting that the 6,376-sq. foot Italian villa features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, sits on four acres of state park lands, and has a chef’s kitchen with “top of the line appliances.”

Best of all, the house has ocean views and a balcony to enjoy them from, especially as the sun is setting. And I’m sure if you do build that pool house, you can increase the value of this home way beyond its current asking price.

Check out more photos and Chrismukkah references at Trulia.