Greg Daniels Offers Clues As To How ‘The Office’ Will End

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01.17.13 28 Comments

There’s been quite a bit of press from Greg Daniels on The Office this week, thanks to the TCA and an interview that Daniels gave to TV Guide. While it hasn’t been a particular strong season so far (and certainly not the rebound I’d hoped for now that Daniels is showrunning again), I’m hoping the last push will redeem The Office as it gallops into the sunset. As the series winds down to its May finale, I thought I’d round up a few of the turns we can expect along the way.

— B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling will be returning for the finale. Daniels is hoping to that Kaling’s schedule will allow her to be on a few episodes near the end. Gabe (Zach Woods) will also return.

— There have been rumors suggesting that Steve Carell will return for the finale, but Daniels insists that there are no plans for that, and that Steve Carell is not interested in coming back. Personally, I think Daniels is bluffing, and that he’s trying to hold on to one last surprise for the finale. I understand that Steve Carell likes the way he went out in the “Goodbye Michael,” episode, but it seems very odd to end the show without Michael Scott.

— Everything won’t be resolved in the last hour-long finale. Daniels says that the wind-down will begin with the January 24th episode, and that each character will have his or her own “Goodbye.” “One of the ideas for the season was there would be a “Goodbye Meredith” episode, a “Goodbye Stanley” episode. We’re trying to give each character a really good interesting moment or send-off.”

— Someone will be fired in the 15th episode (February 14th). Daniels won’t say who, but it will involve a storyline surrounding the Scranton Strangler, who Toby will visit in prison. Maybe it’s Creed, because Daniels says, “Creed’s been pushing for some weird connection to this guy.”

— The documentary crew will become involved in the show somehow. They will come out from behing the camera.

— Ken Kwapis, who directed the show’s pilot, will also direct the finale, and Daniels has had an idea for the finale for years. However, he doesn’t know exactly how to arrive at that idea, yet. They’ve only written up through the 18th of 24 episodes.

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