The Original ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Pilot Was Horrifying

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.28.12 12 Comments

Until now, the biggest transformation I’ve seen from test pilot to actual pilot was the original first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Willow Rosenberg is played not by sweetly neurotic redhead Alyson Hannigan, but Riff Regan, unfortunately known to many as “Fat Willow.” But that was before seeing the original pilot for Bob’s Burgers. It’s not the Home Movies-like look that’s bothersome; it’s the fact that the characters look like human versions of Sy Snootles from Star Wars and THERE’S NO TINA. There’s just, ugh, Daniel.

Same voice, same lines, but something’s off — Daniel dreaming of a zombie threesome is just wrong.

(Via Splitsider)

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