03.08.10 9 years ago 21 Comments

You know what? That was a pretty solid Academy Awards last night. Kathryn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker got the accolades they deserve, Avatar didn’t win anything it shouldn’t have, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin had the clout to poke fun at Hollywood, there was a nice John Hughes tribute, and only once did I have to say “Shut up, Sean Penn.” I can’t even hate Sandra Bullock winning for The Blind Side after she picked up her Razzie in person and said that she’ll display it next to her Oscar (also, she and Bigelow were the only winners who recognized the other nominees in their acceptance speeches).

The only thing that bothered me about the night was finishing second in my Oscar pool by a single pick. I nailed the telecast’s end time by calling 12:02 a.m., so I would have won the tie-breaker if I’d gotten one more pick correct. DAMN YOU, DOCUMENTARY SHORT! How was I supposed to know one of the choices was about a handicapped African girl?

(Most images via bohemea. Bonus GIF action of Samuel L. Jackson reacting to Mo’Nique below.)

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