03.29.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

Part Three of HBO’s “The Pacific” aired last night, and the episode was sadly devoid of Jap-killing. Instead, the men of the 1st Marine Division were in Melbourne for some R&R, and what excitement was lost from the lack of combat was at least partly recouped in drunken escapades, sex, and fist fights. I’m not a man who happily parts with ultraviolent depictions of combat, but bare breasts are a good start to keeping me interested. I guess I’m old-fashioned that way.


If you have cable and HD and you’re NOT watching “Life,” you better fix yourself. As much as I don’t like Oprah’s narration, the visuals on that show are beyond belief. If I bought into conspiracies, I’d swear some of the shots were CG animation.

Finally, if you didn’t get your fill of white-knuckled tension from “The Pacific,” then you needed to watch “Breaking Bad.” WOW. The last couple minutes of that episode were f’n terrifying, and they reaffirmed one of my guiding principles in life: avoid well-dressed Mexicans who own chrome axes.

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