The Parents Television Council Is Furious Because Ke$ha Drank Her Own Pee

This is one of the stupidest stories I’ve ever covered, but it’s not every day a prominent group of fuddy-duddies calls for the revolution of the entire cable industry because a pop star drank her own pee, so you know, here we are I suppose.

In a letter to supporters Tuesday, the PTC warned against watching Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life and its “disgusting, vile content.” It also called on cable providers to allow subscribers the option of choosing which channels they receive.

“Why should we have to pay for this kind of garbage just so we can get access to Discovery, Disney, or the Golf channel? It’s outrageous — and it shouldn’t be that way,” reads the letter. [Billboard]

Two things about this blockquote:

1) As we mentioned last week, John McCain is planning to introduce a bill that would call for a la carte cable packages. That’s what the PTC is getting at here. In reality, a la carte probably isn’t as simple as everyone makes it out to be because cable companies are going to get their $100+ a month from you one way or the other, but let me state in no uncertain terms that if the tipping point for the whole issue turns out to be Ke$ha drinking her own pee, I will laugh so hard I will run out of oxygen and die. R.I.P. me.

2) It should tell you everything you need to know about the PTC that they included the Golf Channel in their short list of desired cable channels.

But anyway, let’s see what the pee-drinker herself has to say about this situation.

“I heard it was good for you. That was, like, the rumor,” she said. “But I don’t know. I’m also just one that doesn’t shy away from things. I’m not good at saying ‘no’ so I just figure, f— it, I’ll try anything once. So I tried it. I wouldn’t recommend it. It was pretty gross. And I don’t think it really did anything very beneficial to me so, yeah, I wouldn’t probably do it again.”

It should tell you everything you need to know about Ke$ha that the last sentence includes the word “probably.”

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