Sacrebleu! Gambit Gets Fired From The X-Men On ‘The Pete Holmes Show’.

Pete Holmes, our favorite maker of Batman parodies (most recently a Batman vs. Superman parody), returns with an X-Men sketch. In the previous “Ex-Men” segment, Pete Holmes impersonated Professor X and fired Wolverine for having superpowers useless to the X-Men. In this newest video, he’s firing Gambit because, in his words, “Without cards, you’re garbage.”

Holmes also bashes Gambit’s other weapon, his staff.

“When you hold that staff, you look like the world’s biggest Blade fan. You understand? You look like you brought it to lean on as you wait overnight for the new Twilight . . . book, not movie.”

And Gambit doesn’t sound even Cajun. He sounds French Canadian, because French Canada is the best Canada.

These “Ex-Men” segments are a recurring sketch on The Pete Holmes Show, on TBS after Conan starting October 28th.

(H/T: Pete Holmes)