The Pope Gets Laid

12.08.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Below is the trailer for “The Borgias,” a forthcoming Showtime drama about the papacy in the late 15th century. Jeremy Irons stars as Rodrigo Borgia, who became Pope Alexander VI in 1492. Here’s the most interesting snippet from his unbelievably dull Wikipedia page:

He is one of the most controversial of the Renaissance popes, and his surname became a byword for the debased standards of the Papacy of that era; the Borgia popes greatly weakened the moral authority of the Catholic Church.

Between watching the trailer and skimming the Wikipedia page, it looks like there’s a modicum of intrigue here: some father versus son drama, brother-on-brother violence, courtesans, bastards, and bribes. In other words: Catholics be schemin’. No thanks. The only way this could bore me more is if it occurred in Victorian England. “Oh, how improper! Sir, my sensibilities have been offended by your lack of courtesy!”

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