‘The Punisher’ Is Officially Coming To Netflix, From A ‘Hannibal’ Veteran

Jon Bernthal’s take on the Punisher was central to the second season of Daredevil, and drew a lot of critical praise. It was also a clever reinvention of Frank Castle, who in the past has been a gun-toting homicidal maniac, as a methodical, ruthless vigilante, contrasting his desire for vengeance against Matt Murdock’s quest for justice. And, despite Marvel’s claims to the contrary, now we’re going to see him in his own Netflix series.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Netflix has ordered The Punisher for a series, under the supervision of Steve Lightfoot. Hannibal fans will know Lightfoot as one of the key writers on that series, as well as an executive producer for much of the show’s run. It’s not clear whether Frank will also be joining Netflix’s upcoming The Defenders, but EW claims it’s likely that he will, at the very least, be popping in for an episode or two.

The Punisher marks Netflix’s sixth Marvel series, and their slate is getting crowded. In addition to Luke Cage‘s premiere September 30, Jessica Jones has a second season in the works, Iron Fist is currently in production, and The Defenders will likely be filming later this year. Really the only question becomes how Hell’s Kitchen has any criminals left.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)