‘The Punisher’ Teaser Trailer Is Revealed As A ‘Defenders’ Post-Credits Scene

Ever since fans got a taste of what Jon Bernthal will do solo at San Diego Comic-Con, fans have been awaiting a proper trailer. Now they have it, as an after-credits clip from The Defenders, which debuted on Netflix today, and it’s packed with hints about the Punisher’s past and his future.

Leaving aside Frank Castle pulling a John Wick on a concrete floor, we get a sense of what the show will be like, complete with a brief glimpse of the now-traditional hallway fight featuring Frank Castle, a shotgun, and a few dudes who really should have called in sick to work. Frank’s early military career also seems to be a theme, considering that the monologue over the trailer is about how your past comes to haunt you, and we get a brief glimpse as somebody who might be Punisher nemesis Jigsaw:

Daredevil fans might remember the second season ended with hints that Castle’s past military career had several secrets he needed to deal with, so it looks like Frank will be going back to his past and dealing with whatever comes out. Hopefully whoever he runs into is smart enough to either run or wear body armor, but we’ll find out likely sometime this year, as the series doesn’t yet have an official release date.

(via Agent of Marvel)