‘The Purge’ Is Coming To Release The Beast On Your TV Screen

Blessed be the new TV founding fathers. The Purge is bringing murder, morality and masks to television in all its blood-splattered glory. Is it to get the jump on when this happens in real life? It has to be, right?

Franchise producer Blumhouse is preparing to pair with ITV Studios to turn the ultraviolent film series into a cable TV offering. Entertainment Weekly reports that Purge trilogy writer/director James DeMonaco will oversee the TV incarnation. It’s a project DeMonaco mentioned back in 2016 well before the official announcement.

The concept of The Purge is one that’s pretty format friendly for television viewing/binging, although die-hards might be bummed by the prospect of a somewhat more toned-down spectacle. USA and SyFy are getting the series which means USA and SyFy levels of cable anarchy. As long as there’s sinister-ass Party City masks, evil rich senators getting exploded and a handful of creepy sermons, a tighter censorship rein shouldn’t hurt things too much.

Blumhouse are not only in the Purge business on television, but they’ll also be the studio shepherding Secure and Hold: The Last Days Of Roger Ailes to Showtime as a limited series. Who knows? Maybe Jordan Peele can pair with Blumhouse on a horror anthology before 2017 is through. Just a thought.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)