‘The Purge’ TV Show Comic-Con Trailer Takes The Annual Crime Spree Beyond Murder And Mayhem

After The First Purge continued the franchise’s trend of delivering entertaining yet relevant satire, many still wondered where The Purge TV show could take matters. Is there anything left to explore with this annual celebration? Well, there’s always been the lingering question of why the film’s mostly feature purgers engaging almost exclusively in murder. Does every citizen really harbor that dark of a beast that wants to be released? None of these characters ever seem to covet their neighbor’s stereo system rather than their lives.

As it turns out, the San Diego Comic-Con trailer ever-so-briefly alludes to some further development when The Purge TV show airs as a 10-episodes series from Blumhouse Productions. Within these hours of programming, characters will branch out into other crimes that include — wait for it — seduction. Yes, there’s some adultery in the mix, which most folks don’t think about as a crime, but several U.S. states have statutes that criminalize sex between a married person and someone other than their spouse. So the coveting of wives (and husbands) is now on the table, and The Purge is getting sexy, sort of.

The series premieres on USA network (where else?) on September 4th. Not too long ago, no one imagined a franchise like this could be so insanely successful, or that Comic-Con that would include a panel for The Purge. What a world.