The Ratings For Last Night’s ‘Empire’ Season Finale Are Massive

Y’know, I think Fox is really onto something with this Empire show.

For the 11th-straight week, the ratings for the massive hip-hop drama rose, with 16.5 million viewers, including an outstanding 6.4 million in the all-important-give-us-your-advertising-money 18-49 demographic, tuning in to watch Terrence Howard knock a dude out in the season finale.

To put those numbers in context:

Whenever a show is being described as “bigger” than The Bazinga Bang Theory, that’s usually a good sign. Co-creator Danny Strong, also known as Jonathan from Buffy, doesn’t know when Season 2 of Empire will premiere, but when it eventually does, it will be greeted with competing shows about rapping nerd zombies. Might as well throw some dragons and superheroes in there, too.