The Rent Is Too Damn High!

10.19.10 8 years ago 25 Comments

New York 1 televised last night’s gubernatorial debate, and it’s a damn shame that it didn’t have a worldwide feed, because it was the kind of political freak show that usually only happens in California. The runaway star was Jimmy McMillan of — I’m dead serious — The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. Aside from wearing black gloves and the facial hair of a Civil War general, McMillan garnered attention with his message (something about rent, I believe) and with delightfully nonsensical sentences:

“As a karate expert, I will not talk about anyone up here, because our children cannot afford to live anywhere.”

Jimmy McMillan for governor of New York, everybody. Watch the fantastic video below, and wait for the Internet to go to work with its newest meme.

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