The Rock Cracks Up Hard Revisiting His Funniest ‘SNL’ Moments

Conquering box office hero and quite possibly your next President of the United States Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is rather good at hosting Saturday Night Live. So much so that he’ll be joining the vaunted Five-Timers Club on tonight’s season finale. (Receipt enthusiast Katy Perry is the evening’s musical guest.) To honor the occasion, The Rock has been so kind as to walk fans through his favorite SNL sketches.

Using a handy picture-in-picture format, The Rock provides commentary and giggles on three of the Baywatch star’s most popular late night comedy hits. In this particular go-around (there’s more to come from the looks of the things) we’re taken back to The Rock’s other WWE alter-ego Koko WatchOut getting personal with Trashyard Mutt, the time Johnson went apple spit to apple spit with Mr. Peepers and an evening with beloved ass-kicking commander-in-chief The Rock Obama.

“Totally me if I became president by the way right here. Only I would be a little more articulate.” notes Rock as his jacked prez throws a dude through an Oval Office window. “Yup, that’s me.”

The sketches are still remarkably fun, but it’s The Rock cheerfully explaining all the little touches that makes it feel like you’re watching these bits with your wrestling legend action hero bonus dad. What’s not to like?