Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Are Behind A New Reality Series That’s Basically ‘The Running Man’

If you were wondering how long it would take before the nation plunged into a society that attempts to have people hunt down other people for television entertainment, you’re in luck. No, they didn’t give Ted Nugent another show where he’s shooting people with net guns. Instead, it’s Matt Damon and Ben Affleck executive producing a new reality series with Verizon titled The Runner.

They’re currently looking for cast — which you can attempt to audition for over at their site — and the premise is a bit familiar:

Somewhere in the United States, a mysterious RUNNER will be racing toward an undisclosed city. That RUNNER will be hunted by competing teams of CHASERS. It is up to the RUNNER to use strategy and determination to avoid the CHASERS and make it to the target city. The task of the CHASERS is to find the RUNNER before time runs out… or another group of CHASERS beats them to it.

So here’s the big question: Are you a RUNNER or a CHASER?

Now doesn’t this sound like The Running Man? Preferably the Stephen King/Richard Bachman version and not the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but this syncs more with the original short story. All we need is our “runner” to fly a jet into the headquarters of the evil corporate headquarters and it’s perfect.

The qualifications for each side of the game seem a bit daunting, with runners needing to be “shrewd, tough, physically fit and independent,” where the chasers — because hunters would make Ice-T remember his time with Gary Busey — are meant to be a team of outgoing and clever. Being in shape is repeated here, and it seems to have a bit of The Amazing Race tossed in for good measure.

Season two must be where they’re going to introduce the murder features and flamethrower warriors. Try to survive the Fury Road outside of Las Vegas in order to enter Valhalla, complete with live rounds and sharp objects.

(Via The Runner / Daily Dot)