The Sexy Redhead Maid From ‘American Horror Story’ Is Coming To ‘The Walking Dead’

In a post-apocalyptic zombie hellscape, things are going to get dirty. I mean, when was the last time CORAL washed his disgusting hat? So, maids, especially sexy maids, are more important than ever, which I assume is why The Walking Dead tapped Alexandra Breckenridge, who played a young Moira O’Hara during the first season of American Horror Story, for a recurring role.

Sources tell THR that the actress…will recur in season five with an option to be promoted to a series regular in season six. While specific details about Breckenridge’s character are being kept under wraps, the casting breakdown described the role of “Samantha” as an attractive, strong, smart, charming and articulate woman with a vulnerable side. (Via)

The only thing bad about this announcement is that if you glance quickly, “Alexandra Breckenridge” kind of looks like “Alexandra Daddario,” and now I’m sad she’s not on the show.

Via the Hollywood Reporter