The Simpsons, 1989-2010

05.03.10 8 years ago 36 Comments

Add me to the long list of hacks who have declared the Simpsons “dead.” We have declared it dead upwards of a dozen times since the September 28, 1997 Seymour Skinner episode, but until the show finally dies, this descriptor has not and will not be any more appropriate than it is in the wake of last night’s opening credits.

The most important point to take away here is that the writers of this show believe that you a) enjoy or can at least tolerate the musical stylings of Kesha [sic], b) appreciate it when characters who have been developed over the course of twenty-plus years are used as puppets, and c) don’t need jokes, only familiar faces. Otto is being shown on my television. Whoa, now Comic Book Guy is being shown on my television! I am familiar with both of those characters! And they are singing a song (I like songs)!

In some unknown number of years, we’ll all have to drag our asses to the Simpsons’ series finale out of some measure of obligation and read/watch dozens of retrospectives and tributes — as well we should, because there’s no white-washing the truth that the first seven seasons of this show were more groundbreaking than anything else on television. Until then, know that your decision to ignore this show in recent years has been completely validated.

[A firm handshake to Videogum]

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