Yes, ‘The Simpsons’ Plans To Mock Donald Trump Even More This Year

It’s not just late-night talk show hosts like John Oliver and Samantha Bee that enjoy roasting Donald Trump, The Simpsons is pretty good at it too and the show plans to parody the Republican presidential nominee even more this year.

During Comic-Con this weekend, showrunner Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly the long-running animated series wouldn’t be taking it easy on the would-be politician and businessman. After predicting Trump’s bid at the presidency years ago — something Jean and the rest of the show’s writing staff are hopeful won’t come to pass — The Simpsons went on to mock “The Donald” this year with its web short that guided viewers on a voyage inside Trump’s signature comb-over.

Jean told EW the series has plans for another web short centered on Trump to debut in the coming weeks as well as an episode that tackles the scandal surrounding Trump University with Mr. Burns launching his own higher education institution that’s later proven to be a fraudulent college.

“You can imagine where that idea comes from,” Jean told EW.

Jean also shared the difficulties his writing room faces in remaining unbiased against Trump. While no one working for the show actually wants him to be president, they also don’t want to constantly be bashing the guy. Instead, it sounds like The Simpsons is going to do what it does best — make fun of the stupidity and ignorance of celebrities and politicians by poking at their vanity using unflattering animated caricatures. Trump is the perfect subject.

“He certainly lends himself to animation, because the hair is amazing,” Jean told EW. “We have [a web short] coming out, and you see what his hair is: It’s actually an orange cat he turns backward.”

That sounds about right.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)