This Guy Did Nothing But Take LSD And Watch ‘The Simpsons’ For Two Days

Watching The Simpsons and taking drugs. It’s the dream of the 1990s, and 2000s, and 2010s, all the way to the 3040s, when Fox might finally cancel the animated series (or someone blocks the sun, driving mankind to madness with all the incessant owl hooting — whichever comes first).

Redditor and human space coyote “doobieschnauzer” had himself a grand old time the past two days, because all he’s been doing is “eating LSD and watching The Simpsons.” And what did he learn while hepped up on goofballs?

We are all Bart–We all feel unappreciated, because people decide to focus on our flaws instead of our talents. We’ve been
influenced by bad people, and been a bad influence. We all seek thrills that hurt us and those around us.

We are all Lisa– We all feel unappreciated when we try to be the voice of reason and intelligence, and the people we love ignore us. We all feel like we’re getting nowhere, despite our gifts. We all feel like we’re trapped with people that’ll never get us.

We are all Marge– We all feel unappreciated when we try to voice concern, and the people we love write us off as a nag. We all feel like we’re being smothered by our loved ones, to the point that we’ll never develop our own personality.

We are all Homer–We all feel unappreciated when we don’t deserve to. We’re all mercurial and willfully ignorant. We all try to numb the pain of a life that’ll never satisfy us, to the point of hurting our brains.

We are all Maggie (thank you for reminding me allthereis_isnothing)– We all feel unappreciated because we feel unheard and easily forgotten. We all have talents that we feel no one can see. And, if you do as many drugs as I do, you probably fall down a lot. (Via)

It goes on. Springfield and Shelbyville are separate human brains, Matt Groening is a god, and “The Simpsons evolved American society” by making us talk about “corruption on both sides of American politics, gay rights, good and bad parenting, good pet ownership, the ethics of vegetarianism, the tropes in our entertainment, and just about everything else.” It sounds like he had a good trip. Must’ve not watched any episode after season 15.

(Via Reddit)

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