Remember Those Times ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The Future?

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Throughout its 27 seasons, The Simpsons has thrown a lot of crazy ideas at its audience. A mysterious, big balloon-filled island, toxic, religious theme parks and snow-navigating hamster wheels have all made appearances in the series, and that was just in one season. Over its almost three decade run, some of those whacky premises have actually come true. Some of these instances floating around the internet aren’t so much foresight as they are things that just happen (predicting Donald Trump’s run for presidency) and others are just dumb (predicting 9/11). However, here are five of the times that The Simpsons truly predicted the future, for the good and the bad of the world.

In the fifth season, the Siegfried and Roy equivalents, Gunter and Ernst, were mauled by a fed-up tiger, which would later happen to their real world counterparts in 2003. The Simpsons called that Germany would win the World Cup in 2014, and that Dr. Dre would have a college building named after him. Some weirder cases: Horse meat being served to school children and a lemon street suddenly disappearing (which we can only assume was because it was haunted). Also, there was that time that aliens wore the skins of our presidential nominees and enslaved our country. Now, if only the series had predicted that it would have lasted 10 years too long.

Do you think The Simpsons can predict the future? And what are some of your favorite predictions we might have missed?

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