'The Simpsons' Revealed 'True' Location of Springfield In Last Night's Episode

04.16.12 7 years ago 11 Comments

“The Simpsons” is likely the most referenced show in Warming Glow history (Google search results for “simpsons warming glow,” 550,000; “archer warming glow,” 40,000), but we never addressed Matt Groening’s “controversial” comments last week on the REAL location of Springfield, O-Hiya, Maude.

Because who cares? Spending even a minute trying to figure out which state Springfield resides in, and how it’s able to have a gorge, glacier, ocean, mountain, and wetland, is missing the point of the joke entirely. And during last night’s new episode, “The Simpsons” used the chalkboard gag to make fun of the state sleuths trying to solve an unsolvable riddle. Bart wrote, “The true location of Springfield is in any state but yours.”

PHEW. Now that that’s been settled, we can get back to figuring out what really matters: who shot Mr. Burns. Wait. It was the baby? Oh, I’ve wasted my life.


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