‘The Simpsons’ Regretfully Acknowledges Its Trump Presidential Prediction Through Bart’s Chalkboard

News Editor

The Simpsons has devoted plenty of airtime to Donald Trump just like the rest of entertainment has. Bart and friends even predicted the rise of Trump through an episode about garbage and allowed most of the prominent primary season candidates to beat the snot out of each other. But during one prophetic 2000 episode, titled “Bart to the Future,” the show predicted that Trump would run for the highest office in the land and win.

Granted, the episode takes place in 2030 when President Lisa Simpson takes over after Trump, so reality obviously decided to jump the gun. However, The Simpsons is (rightfully) calling this a full-on prediction, and the show is (sadly) not happy about their accuracy at all. In the above clip from Sunday night’s opening theme, Bart Simpson is seen scrawling away at his chalkboard before the ever-morphing message appears: “Being right sucks.”

Here’s a clip of that 2000 episode where Secretary Milhouse Van Houten and President Lisa discuss the state of the terrible “budget crunch” that Trump left behind. Evidently, the oceans are all empty too. According to The Hill, this episode was intended as “a warning to America.” Artists are so dramatic, no?

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