‘The Simpsons’ Will Actually Use That Awesome Pixel Art Couch Gag This Week

Earlier this month, animators Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon scored a viral hit with their pixel art tribute to The Simpsons. The video reimagined the show’s opening credits with a pixelized version, and 2.1 million views and counting later, it’s a favorite of both Simpsons fans and nostalgic people who love that vintage computer animation look. Our own Dan Seitz even wrote that “we hope the series brings in Robertson and Dixon to do an actual couch gag,” and the producers of the beloved Fox series went ahead and did the easiest thing possible…

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian designers “secretly hoped” that their video would be picked up and used for an episode of The Simpsons, but even when they received an email from the show’s creators, they first thought it was a mean joke.

“The email went to my spam folder, so I actually thought it was a hoax,” said Ivan.

After calling the number Ivan found out the creators actually wanted to use their video to open the next episode of The Simpsons this Sunday at 8pm in America. (Via SMH)

This might be the first time in recorded history that someone called a phone number from an email in his spam folder and benefited from it. Finally some karma from all those British lottery winnings I never received.