Jessica Biel’s USA Series ‘The Sinner’ Has A Creepy, Stabby Trailer

Why would a seemingly normal, stable woman see a man she’s never met before on the beach and stab him to death? That’s the question surrounding The Sinner, the new USA series starring Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman.

It’s based on a German thriller, and Biel plays Cora Tannetti, a seemingly normal mom who loses it on the beach, leaving Detective Harry Ambrose (Pullman) to assemble the pieces. Tannetti herself has no idea why she flipped out, and doesn’t even remember what happened. Or, at least, that’s what she claims; if the plot of the show sticks to the plot of the book, there’s much more both to Cora and her claims than might be expected, as the book cracks open her false memories, the ugliness she was subjected to in her past, and why she recants parts of her statement.

This will be the first substantial live-action TV work Biel’s done since she left 7th Heaven more than a decade ago, although she’s dabbled with a guest spot here and there on Family Guy and BoJack Horseman. It’ll be interesting to see where exactly this winds up taking Biel, and, of course, it’ll be yet another thriller for fans of the European slow burn. We’ll see more of it later this year.

(via USA)