The Situation Will Earn $5M This Year

08.23.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Despite the zoo-animal appeal of Snooki, there’s no arguing that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is the breakout star of “Jersey Shore.” His unflappable self-confidence is the second-best part of every episode, right after J-Woww’s anti-gravity tit slings. And The Situation is cashing in on his popularity: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sorrentino will earn $5M this year. Five. MILLION. Dollars.

In addition to the $60,000 an episode he makes after ratings incentives…

The New York native also has developed several products based on his much-touted six-pack: an abs-focused fitness video, “The Situation Workout,” and a chewable supplement line distributed in association with GNC.

Literary ambitions? Check. Sorrentino has partnered with Gotham Books to pen his autobiography, “Here’s the Situation,” which the source said earned him a six-figure advance. Top-shelf liquor connection? Check. He is signing to endorse a new vodka line that boasts another six-figure payday plus partial ownership. Of course he has a “GTL” app and a rap song on iTunes. It doesn’t stop: He has further endorsements with Vitamin Water and Reebok and a deal for a clothing line with Dilligaf.

A lot of people will claim that a Guido who filed for unemployment 10 months ago shouldn’t have a book deal and earn seven figures this year, but those people are probably fat. I mean, look how defined his abs are. That man deserves a raise.

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