A Reminder That ‘The Soup’ Totally Predicted The Rise Of The Kardashians Way Back In 2007

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Friday night’s farewell to The Soup was everything longtime fans of the weekly pop-culture series could have hoped for. Even though Joel McHale and friends only counted down the top 11 clips of all time, they managed to cram in all of the great, beloved references from the golden age of The Soup through today, such as Spaghetti Cat, “Danzitions,” Stains the cupcake dog, Mankini, and “grandma smells,” just to name a few.

But what would a goodbye to The Soup be if they didn’t remind the audience how much, more than 11 years on air, McHale and company relished biting the hand that fed them. And what better way to top off a look back at the “Let’s Take Some E!” segment than with the proverbial cherry on the sh*t sundae of the E! network: Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Sure, over the years The Soup had fun with everyone’s favorite “famous for nothing” family. But the final episode wouldn’t be complete unless Joel McHale reminded us that he actually predicted not just the rise of the Kardashians back in a Feb. 9, 2007, episode — just as Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J was hitting the market — but Kim and Kris Humphries’ 72-day marriage as well.

If you weren’t already mourning the loss of The Soup, this is just one great example of how Joel McHale was to pop culture as Jon Stewart was to The Daily Show. It will be missed.

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