The South Park Team Wants You To Whack Their Balls On A New Pinball Table

Zen Studios have pretty much cornered the market on digital pinball. Their tables are well-designed, full of both tough but rewarding shots and an abundance of references to the various properties they pay tribute to. And now they get to try and top Sega’s version of South Park Pinball.

There are actually two boards that come with your $5 purchase on consoles and PC. The first is just the show itself, with all the stuff you’d expect; voice clips, shout-outs, and the usual. But the second table brings the show’s greatest butt-monkey, Butters, his very own table. You can dress him up in various outfits. Really.

This is out on consoles and PC later this week, and a mobile version will be coming a bit later. Until then, you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with the Stick of Truth.

Via Kotaku