The Ten Most Justifiably Badass Moments on ‘Justified’

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02.09.11 24 Comments

With all due respect to Kid Rock (which is to say: none), “Justified’s” Raylan Givens is the original American Badass. Played to smarmy, smart, and sexy perfection by Timothy Olyphant, Givens is a U.S. Marshall who’s forced to return to his hometown in Kentucky as punishment for killing someone in the line of duty in Miami. That’s more or less all you need to know (for more information on season, please consult your local Netflix) to get you ready for Season 2, which begins tonight at 10 p.m. on FX.

Here are the ten most badass moments on TV’s most badass show.

#10. The Bludgeon

There are a lot of crappy-but-cool ways to die. For instance, props to the guy who passes away while playing an electric guitar on top of a flaming car that drives into a building that’s about to explode. But one of the worst has to be getting bludgeoned to death by a rock in the middle of the desert, a.k.a. The Ángel Maturino Reséndiz.

#9. The Suck

This scene isn’t awesome for the reason it initially looks. Stephen Root may have been getting a blowjob from that poor girl at some point, but at this particular moment, she’s actually just sucking…the poison out of Root’s upper leg from a snake that just bit him. To recap: attractive woman, poisonous snakes, nearly naked Stephen Root. No wonder Ufford likes this show so much.

#8. The Grenade

Obviously, America is badass, and this scene is about as American as they come. You’ve got two former soldiers talking to each other in a VFW Hall, one holding a grenade and the other a bottle of whiskey, while a SWAT team waits to either kill or apprehend the camouflage-wearing grenade holder.

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