AMC’s Excellent ‘The Terror’ Could Return For Season 2

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05.22.18 2 Comments


The excellent first season of The Terror wrapped up this week, but was it the only season? The AMC drama, which followed the poor souls aboard the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, doesn’t lend itself to more episodes, considering we know what happens to the Arctic explorers from the first scene of the show. But according to showrunner Soo Hugh, who adapted The Terror from Dan Simmons’ 2007 book of the same name, another season(s?) is possible.

“When AMC greenlit the show now almost three years ago, they greenlit it as an anthology show,” she told TV Guide. “Meaning season one would be the story of the Franklin Expedition, and subsequent seasons would take on a new narrative that carried the DNA that we established in season two.” If The Terror does return, however, Hugh and creator David Kajganich will not be involved. “Dave and I aren’t coming back for season two by our choice,” she said. “We’re just really excited to see what AMC does with what we’ve done.”

When series creator David Kajganich was selling the project to networks, there was a version of it that included a continuation of this particular expedition… But when it landed at AMC, the Franklin Expedition was contained to one season. (Via)

The Terror should pull an American Horror Story and put Jared Harris in the Sarah Paulson role. He can be in every season as different characters, and eventually Vincent Kartheiser will join the show and they can fight again. But this time, it’s on a submarine, or something! Keep it in the AMC family.

Also, if you didn’t watch The Terror, watch The Terror.

(Via TV Guide)

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