The Third Episode of ‘Spotless’ Provides Even Bigger Threats And Challenges

The third episode of Spotless picks up with Jean, Martin, Nelson Clay and his associates standing in the middle of a fresh murder scene. The murderer is Frank, Clay’s employee. The victim is DCI Tom Kendrick, a police officer who was planning to extort Jean.

While Jean stayed behind to do his thing – making a murder look like a suicide – Martin went off to grab a drink with Nelson’s brother, Victor. While sharing stories about their past – more true than false – they contribute one of the strongest moments of dialogue so far in the series. Victor has been in the background until now, but there’s obviously more to him as an unpredictable variable.

Jean still battles with the concept that he isn’t running the show and has to work on someone else’s clock. He’s having so much trouble with it that he forgets a crucial parent interview at Maddy’s prep school. Fortunately, Martin steps in for him, and surprisingly smoothly at that. Of course, this surprises Julie, who was oddly even less surprised when Martin got a little handsy to sell the whole “we’re married” bit.

By the end of the episode, Jean is given the ironic task of cleaning the same murder suicide scene that he helped stage just that morning. While there, he finds an external hard drive stashed away in a vent and takes it for himself before coldly firing an employee on the spot. It also becomes clear that Mr. Nelson Clay has more than one leak to fix in the organization that he considers a tight ship.

Feel free to check out our video recap of the episode above. For more on Jean and Martin’s dealings with Mr. Clay, catch Spotless on Esquire Network on Saturdays at 10 p.m. EST, 9 p.m. Central.

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