‘The Tick’ Dispenses Sweet Justice In The First Two Clips From The New Amazon Series

It’s hard to believe The Tick is really returning to once again smite evildoers. Sure, we’ve all seen the casting news and the pictures of Peter Serafinowicz in his new (slightly odd-looking) blue costume, but The Tick having a new show in 2016 still doesn’t seem like a thing that ought to be real. Well, get ready, because Entertainment Weekly has released a couple of new clips that definitively prove The Tick is back.

The first clip, which you can check out above, sees The Tick foiling some dastardly smugglers. I’m happy to say the new outfit looks pretty good in action, and Serafinowicz seems to be nailing it as The Tick, although the characterization is slightly different. The goofy, guileless Tick we’ve seen in the past has been given just a little bit of an edge. He seems to be enjoying being shot at and beating up thugs just a little too much, y’know? Based on The Tick creator Ben Edlund’s comments, it seems like this change is deliberate

“[The new series] had to have blood, it had to have certain things that are part of the living language of superheroes in the popular culture today. It has a responsibility if it wants to play in that pool to have life and death, to have a relationship to violence that none of the other iterations did. And so how do you have The Tick slip in a pool of blood and have it be funny? You have to find a very specific tone.”

The second clip feels a little more like classic Tick, as the big blue guy checks out Arthur’s apartment for the first time. It’s a scenario we’ve seen play out before (Tick breaking things looking for secret triggers is an old gag) but it’s important to see how Serafinowicz handles the old material.

Well, I’d say this new Tick is looking pretty darn swell. Keen even. The pilot episode of The Tick is available to watch right now on Amazon Prime.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)