The Town Of Cormorant, Minnesota Has A New Mayor: A Fluffy Dog Named Duke

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Minnesota is a goofy place when it comes to politics. A few weeks ago a 16-year-old defeated the two-term incumbent mayor of Dorset, Bobby Tufts, which is already news before you factor in the information that Tufts is five years old (one year terms, elected at age 3) and his teenage challenger decided to run “after he ate five fried ice creams at one sitting.” And now, as if that wasn’t enough, another town in the state has gone and outdone them by electing a dog mayor.

Yes, a dog mayor. A seven-year-old Great Pyrenees named Duke is now the mayor of tiny Cormorant, Minnesota, after its 12 residents elected him in a landslide.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Hang on. Doesn’t the word ‘landslide’ imply that he had an opponent? Was it another dog?” NOPE. The opponent Duke destroyed in the town’s election was a local store owner named Richard Sherbrook. A HUMAN. THE DOG BEAT A HUMAN. AND THE NEWS ASKED THE HUMAN ABOUT IT.

“I’m going to back the dog 100 percent,” said Sherbrook. “He’s a sportsman and he likes to hunt. He’ll really protect the town.”

Sherbrook, who voted for Duke, himself, admitted that the town thought it would be “pretty cool” to have its first mayor be a dog. [ABC]

I’m glad that Sherbrook is taking this in stride because it’s got to be a little embarrassing, especially in a town this small. (You really don’t want the first line of your obituary to be “So and so, best known for losing a mayoral election to a dog, passed away yesterday,” you know?) Although from now on, Mr. Sherbrook, please refer to “the dog” by his official title, Mayor Duke. Respect your elected officials.

A few other interesting facts, via this report from WDAY that is unembeddable but a must-watch:

  • “Tricia Maloney says ‘He’s used to coming to the pub and getting some burgers and some fries or something.’”
  • “After five hours of grooming and a new outfit, this farm dog looks like a leader. He’s even helped make his community safer by roaming around.”
  • “As for the mayor’s salary, Tuffy’s Pet Food out of Perham is donating a year’s supply of kibble to reward him for his service.”

Electing a dog mayor has got to be the best way to stick it to those fat cats in City Hall.