TV Gourmet: How to Make Milk Steak and Four Other Pop Culture Meals

Senior Pop Culture Editor
02.22.11 63 Comments
When I first saw the “Simpsons” episode “Homer the Heretic” (9F01),  I wasn’t interested in skipping church, like Homer does in protest of waking up early on Sundays; instead, I wanted to make his Space Age Out of This World Moon Waffles (also, I’m Jewish, so yeah). So one day, my girlfriend, Nadia, who took all the pictures for this post, and I decided to make them, along with meals from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “30 Rock,” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

(We tried making a Flaming HOMER, but forgot to remember that some alcohols won’t catch on fire, which is to say our concoction of liquor, amaretto, rum, and children’s cough syrup didn’t work. Next time, though.)

On the following pages, I explain how to make TV’s most unholy food creations, AKA: How to Get Really Fat Really Quick.

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