The Palmers’ House From ‘Twin Peaks’ Is For Sale And Some Freak Wants To Turn It Into A Bed And Breakfast

The iconic Palmer house from Twin Peaks is up for sale for $549,950 in the real life town of Everett, Washington — so of course some Twin Peaks superfan has started a Kickstarter hoping to raise $600,000 to turn the home into a “Twin Peaks museum with event space and fully functional BnB.” Hey, if some guy raised $50 grand for potato salad, then why not? The project at one point had a YouTube pitch according to Defamer, but it appears the video had been removed for some unknown reason.

The home, which is interesting that both the interior and exterior were used in filming, was first noticed on the fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks — who said that they hoped a fan would turn it into a museum or a shrine. So ran with it, Kickstarter guy did:

I figured someone had to do it. Why not us? Adopting the model used by the Christmas Story house, we began to run with the idea that we could purchase “The Palmer House” and convert it into not only a shrine for the show, but also a Twin Peaks-themed event space, as well as a bed and breakfast.

Hey, everybody’s gotta have a dream, I guess. But as a pretty big Twin Peaks fan myself, who has watched the series through a few times, would I want to stay there? F*ck to the no! I don’t care if it’s a complete work of fiction or not, Bob still scares the living hell out of me and I don’t even care if I sound like a gigantic baby by admitting that.

Anyway, here are some cool side-by-sides with the listing images, via Welcome to Twin Peaks — or head over to their website to see the rest.

^^ NOPE.