The ‘Two And A Half Men’ Finale Had One Last F*ck You To Charlie Sheen

To put Two and a Half Men‘s longevity into context, Chuck Lorre’s most bitter and hateful sitcom premiered nearly two months before Arrested Development, which has only fit four seasons into Men‘s 12. That’s not fair, but our long, national Ashton Kutcher nightmare finally came to an end last night. Not with a bang, but with a piano falling on the head of “Charlie.” Not Charlie Sheen, mind you, but “Charlie,” played by an actor who kind of looks like him from behind.

The actual Charlie Sheen didn’t show, but Lorre did, appearing in a director’s chair in front of the smashed piano. He turns to the camera and says “winning,” before a piano crushes him, too. THE END. No, seriously, that’s the final scene, minus the title card.

Imagine if Two and a Half Men was your Parks and Rec, which is also coming to an end. I would be so pissed. Not about the finale, but that I’m a Two and a Half Men fan. That can’t be easy.