The Two Most Hated Men On TV Talked About Being The Two Most Hated Men On TV

05.03.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Everyone hates Jay Leno for keying Conan’s car, Global Warming and Obama. Everyone also hates Matt Lauer for taking a dump in Ann Curry’s lunch bag, slapping Soledad and what happened to Ned Stark in season one. So what does NBC do with to people everyone hate? Well, they put them on TV together for 20 minutes straight! Yay!

So you know Jay had to ask the tough questions of Matt – who was wearing a jacket to honor Johnny Carson because he wants us all to like him – that were essentially “why doesn’t anyone like you?” The whole thing became a series of sob stories and in the end Kathy Lee came out sounding like a saint. All in all a pretty odd television segment but one that NBC probably thought would spark ratings and discussion, which I guess it did since we’re writing about it. Or maybe they threw this on because they knew we’d be on their other networks watching hock-*snicker*…nevermind.

And here’s a video of them talking about Martha Stewart. Seriously, all they needed was a dance number from Donald Trump and Dwight Howard driving a Hummer to make the cypher complete.

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