The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Is Happening (If You Chip In A Few Bucks)

03.13.13 6 years ago 12 Comments

Does the world need a Veronica Mars movie? No. It’s an amazing show, one that introduced the world to the equally fantastic Kristen Bell, but its third season wasn’t very good (I blame the modified theme song), and that was six years ago. The cast has moved on, with the exception of Logan, who was last seen stealing scraps from the craft services table at the studio the show was filmed at. But does the world want a Veronica Mars movie? That we’re about to find out, now that fans can help pay for the thing on Kickstarter.

Today, [creator Rob] Thomas and Bell are launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a low-budget Veronica Mars movie that would be shot this summer. The goal: $2 million in 30 days. If they reach it, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has agreed to put the movie into production and pick up the tab for marketing, promotion, and distribution. (The film would be released in the first quarter of 2014 for a limited-time theatrical run, before moving to VOD, iTunes, and other digital platforms.) If they don’t reach the goal: No movie.

Thomas tells EW in an exclusive joint interview this week with Bell that the Kickstarter strategy represents the only way a Veronica Mars movie was ever going to get made: Warner Bros. had previously determined that a film with a bigger budget and a conventional marketing plan was too expensive and not viable for the studio. Thomas and Bell are confident that fans of the show will rally to the cause — especially since they’re offering an array of rewards packages for pledges as low as $10 (updates during production and a copy of the script on the day of release) and as high as $10,000 (a part in the movie). (Via)

As of 12:35 p.m. EST, the campaign has already raised $350,285 with 4,461 backers, including one who paid $10,000 for a “speaking role in the movie.” The scene: “Veronica is eating with the man in her life. Things have gotten tense between them. You are the waiter/waitress. You approach the table, and you say, ‘Your check, sir.'” That’s way too much pressure for me. I’m more interested in this option:

Name a character in the movie! You will hear this character’s name said out loud at least one time in the movie. We guarantee this name will make the final cut.

“…and Veronica lives happily ever after with Uproxx Sexgod. THE END.” So, do people want a Veronica Mars movie? Apparently so, or to quote the great poet T. Doggius Maximus, “AW HELL OPPOSITE OF NAW.”

(Via EW)

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